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The Day I Swallowed Mummy

A surreal and surprising book that’s sure to arouse curiosity and make readers laugh out loud.

  • Hardback – 40 pages / 26 x 21 cm
  • Themes: Scatalogical, unabashed, fun, surreal, breastfeeding, humour, the human body, diversity
  • Ages 3 to 6


One perfectly ordinary day, Milo is breastfeeding. He feeds and sucks so much that he ends up swallowing his mummy. He misses her and wants her back, so he decides to go and look for her. 

After unsuccessfully trying to suck himself up, he realizes it is her that has to get out. Although her first attempt, through his nose, doesn’t work, in the end Milo does an enormous fart that shoots her into the air. 

Mummy is so full of joy that she showers Milo in endless kisses, eventually swallowing him. In the end, Milo wants to start again. More milk?